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The stars of LEGEND CITY WRESTLING are set to entertain the west coast of Newfoundland & Labrador for the first time! Starting tonight in Corner Brook, LEGEND CITY WRESTLING are proud to bring fans former WWE/TNA/ECW/ROH Superstar, the War-Machine RHINO!  Also set to appear are all your favorite LCW superstars such as, LCW Heavyweight Champion KOWBOY MIKE HUGHES, MR. FANTASTIC, KRIMSON, DYNAMITE DYLAN DAVIS, HOT SHOT DANNY DUGGAN, T-BONE JACK SLOAN, STORM FRONT and many more!

April 30th Corner Brook
May 1st St. Anthony
May 3rd Labrador City
May 4th Happy Valley-Goose Bay

General Admission: $20
V.I.P Meet & Greet w/ RHINO: $30 (+$3 service fee)
(VIP Ticket Purchase is Online only through PayPal and tickets will be available at the door. Confirmation # and ID will be required.)

For more details, check out:
Call 1-855-LEGEND-4

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Yes, it may be a little overdue, but it’s here! We are proud to bring you a special feature called #NWR10, profiling the top 10 performers to keep your eye on in 2013. Let’s take a look:

T-BONE may very well be one of the best additions to the LEGEND CITY WRESTLING roster in last year. Hailing from Corner Brook, Newfoundland this young grappler has seen action across Canada, most notably in Saskatchewan and Alberta. Since coming to LCW last September during the “Let’s Get Rowdy Tour”, T-BONE has had impressive matches with NARCIS SAINT & TITUS and more recently, MR. FANTASTIC. Aside from KOWBOY MIKE HUGHES, T-BONE has the potential to be one of the best heels in the entire promotion. His versatility and intensity should take him a long way. Look for him to be a big contributor to LEGEND CITY WRESTLING this year.

Moncton, NB’s own TITUS is no stranger to the LEGEND CITY WRESTLING ring. However over the past year, there’s no denying the feather-boa wearin’ Superstar has really been connecting with audiences across the Island. He’s proved time and again to deliver one of the best matches on any given night. He looks very comfortable in the ring, but still maintains an intensity which adds to his ability to work a wide array of opponents. Other than MR. FANTASTIC, TITUS is often the most cheered wrestler on any card. He offers a unique look and an exciting style which captures fans immediately. TITUS has all the tools and in-ring experience to one day hold the LCW Heavyweight Title. Could this year be his year?

You may remember a rookie KEN DOLL from his stint with LEGEND CITY WRESTLING the past couple of years. Since his departure (and even before) he’s been representing the pride of Newfoundland well in Western Canada. DOLL has been hard at work honing his skills and learning from veterans like VANCE NEVADA in matches from promotions all over Alberta, British Columbia & Manitoba – including a trip on the infamous Northern Canadian “Death Tour”. He returns home this summer for the upstart NEWFOUNDLAND PRO WRESTLING promotion. Look for him to make an immediate impact as it appears his potential is through the roof right now.

In an attempt to establish a legitimate Tag Team Division, LEGEND CITY WRESTLING obtained STORM FRONT last summer just in time to join the “Let’s Get Rowdy Tour”. Since then, DARREN STORM & TOMMY MANSON have been regularly featured on LCW events, which have resulted in several appearances on the NTV Saturday afternoon television program, Legends of Wrestling. These two are no strangers to Newfoundland rings as they have been working together longer than any other tag team in local history. Excellent acquisition for LCW as these two could definitely serve as the cornerstones to a potentially hot tag team division and eventually LCW Tag Team Title holders? There’s no arguing STORM FRONT would be a good start. 2013 should be a career year for these longtime local boys.

The most charismatic non-wrestling character we’ve ever seen in Newfoundland wrestling. Now that’s saying something – but it’s true. It may be bold, but DENNIS GUTHRIE could be the MVP of CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING right now. While guys like DIRTY DON MARTINI, PSYCHO MITCH & TONY KING define CEW within the ring, it’s the evil-owner DENNIS GUTHRIE that keeps the show rolling. In the past couple of months, he’s held his own when up against ECW Legends such as TOMMY DREAMER at OUTRAGE & SABU at the KING OF THE ROCK event (even taking a chair to the face). “THE GUTH” also showed he can get physical if needed when he challenged DON MARTINI to an impromptu North Atlantic Title match at TAG TEAM ARCADIA last August. Look for big things from DENNIS GUTHRIE in the coming months.

Since LEGEND CITY WRESTLING began their NTV TV Tapings this past January, a big standout has been the duo of NARCIS SAINT & his valet JESSICA PRIEST. NARCIS SAINT is one of the top performers in LCW. He offers a consistent effort each time out and his signature high-risk offense makes him a standout with LCW fans. JESSICA PRIEST is an endearing beauty and fans love her. But where will this relationship lead? Could JESSICA be SAINT’s inspiration or could she be the downfall of his LCW career? I love the potential of a Randy Savage/Elizabeth-esque relationship between the two. Some interesting questions should be answered in 2013.

From the beginning of the “Rebirth” of CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING, some guys immediately stuck out and one of them was definitely ALEXANDER GUTHRIE. In the ring he was obviously talented, on the mic he sounded good, but as time went on GUTHRIE began to stick out more and more. By the time THE RIVER CITY EXPRESS won the TAG TEAM ARCADIA tournament and was crowned the 1st CEW East Coast tag Team Champions, GUTHRIE along with his partner TRISTAN SLATER, was on top of the CEW world and had a definite buzz about them that very few get to experience. Unfortunately the RIVER CITY train went off the tracks as SLATER left for LCW in December and GUTHRIE was left single-handed. This was rectified by putting TONY KING with GUTHRIE as the new RIVER CITY EXPRESS, but they never showed the same pizazz and quickly lost the Titles at the KING OF THE ROCK event. On such a limited roster right now, I strongly feel GUTHRIE has the tools to become a top-hand in CEW. ALEXANDER GUTHRIE could very well be CEW’s version of Dolph Ziggler, but will 2013 be his year to shine? One can only hope.

Perhaps the hardest working guy in CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING. It’s pretty obvious that the GOTCH gimmick has come a long way and SCOTT GOTCH has a lot to do with that. While AXEL remains the mouthpiece and BUCK is well, BUCK is BUCK – SCOTT is left doing the heavy-lifting. He’s come a long way in his career and has overcome a lot to be where he is today. GOTCH offers a unique performance in the ring each and every time out. His facial expressions tell a story almost as well as his actions in the ring. It’s obvious SCOTT always lays it on the line and holds nothing back. He’s had bloody battles at The Majestic in St. John’s, he fought TONY KING all over the city, including the now infamous Bump into a Bush segment, and more recently showed that he is the go-to-guy to work with veterans like DREAMER and SABU. The most important thing is, SCOTT GOTCH continues to improve. But will he improve enough to get to the next level in CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING? Only time will tell.

Physically he is the most gifted performer in all of Newfoundland wrestling. Nobody has the look and build that DYNAMITE DYLAN DAVIS has. DAVIS has certainly made a name for himself in LEGEND CITY WRESTLING since his debut in 2009. He’s become more comfortable each and every time he comes out behind the curtain, which has transcended well into his matches, especially recently. Fans love to hate him as well. He has a natural cockiness about him which adds so much to his character that fans can’t help but hate him as soon as his music hits. One of his career highlights thus far had to be his pairing with Manitoba wrestler HOT SHOT DANNY DUGGAN. Together they formed the duo known as JACKED AND FANNY PACKED and were one of the biggest standouts of the “Let’s Get Rowdy Tour”. DYNAMITE is destined for greatness in 2013.

Seemingly came out of nowhere last year, which made people stand up and notice immediately. MAX POWER is consistently one of the hardest working wrestlers in LEGEND CITY WRESTLING. Made the biggest jump a local wrestler can make when he took his skills off the Island for the first time last year, wrestling for STEELTOWN PRO WRESTLING & C4 PRO WRESTLING all in the same day. Just this past weekend, he also made his Atlantic Canadian debut in Prince Edward Island for RED ROCK WRESTLING. MAX has all the potential in the world right now to make a huge impact in LEGEND CITY WRESTLING. He exudes confidence and is always improving in the ring. Under the right tutelage, there’s no doubt he could become a big player over the next year. MAX POWER wasn’t named Newfoundland Wrestling Review Breakout Wrestler of the Year for nothing.

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Saturday March 30th, 2013
Live from the Easter Seals House
St. John’s, NL


Matinee Show
Attendance was between 75-100 people, and like most local shows I’ve ever been to it was about 15 mins late starting.

Right away I noticed that Travis Walsh wasn’t announcing and in his place was Axel Gotch. Gotch did a commendable job, but I always seem to think that this is more of a “conflict of interest” for his character but at the same time he pulls it off well adding extra enthusiasm when announcing his guys etc. Not sure if this is a temp or a permanent thing, but personally I’d like to see Axel go back to managing full time just cause I enjoy his character.

Warren G promo to start the show. Vocal audio is way too loud. It’s echoing and you can’t understand the words. In a smaller venue such as Easter Seals house there is no need to over do it on the mic. You want to be able to hear the speaker not a garbled mess. The music was fine, it came across nice and clean and loud, and they would eventually sort out the loud audio and by the end of the evening show it was back to normal. There were also some technical mic issues going into the first match, they would be solved as well. Promo set up the fact that Warren would take 4 guys and Denis Guthrie would take 4 guys in the tournament from a random draw and if whoever had the guy that wins will get control of the company…loser is gone.

It seemed as there was a broken spot on the ring, and I don’t know if it was just a board out of place, but it didn’t seem to get in the way throughout the day. I missed a crazy dive to the outside but the crowd popped for it huge. This was a great opening math as it was more or less a spotfest but the crowd ate it up. There were a few points where it looked like moves were missed or didn’t quite work out correctly, but it didn’t seem like the crowd minded. This match did what it was supposed to and set a great tone for the day. Krymzon hit an amazing reverse frankensteiner but looked like he was a little afraid to sink his punches in. Krymzon won by Vertebreaker that was one of the aforementioned messy spots. It looked good once it was set up, but was slightly labored. Krymzon moves on in the tourney.

Flip has a slight change of attire from the last show as he is now sporting a shirt. This match was also a better match then his last match. He once again busts out the gangnam style dance. I’m curious to see where this is going? Flip wins with a roll up to get a tag title shot later in the show.

Great to see Jonny back in the ring. Quite a bit of ring rust from CHAOS, but this match was what I was expecting. There was a lot of brawling outside the ring. Definitely not a technical masterpiece but still solid nonetheless. Martini wins with the Diamond Cutter. Don advances in the tourney.

This match was everything I expected it to be. Funny and entertaining. Scott pleads with Buck to lie down but Buck wants to play. Scott fails several times to take down Buck and when all else fails he absolutely DESTROYS Buck with a chair shot and wins. Scott advances.

Lock got new gear it looks good. A side note: he added a much-needed shirt as well. I like how Locke is progressing. Before the match starts he steals the belt and shows some personality. Great psychology in this match with most of the match focusing on destroying the leg of Locke. Good selling by Locke was the best I’ve seen out of him. There was a cool spot worked in where he went for a slam of some sort and his knee give out mid move. It worked so well there was a “You F*cked Up” ECW style chant. Cool sequence with a super kick by Tony into blockbuster by Guthrie. In the most surprising part of the night Flip gets the pin to wins straps. This match was pretty entertaining but the one sore spot I noticed came after the belts were won and it seemed like Locke completely forgets continue to sell his leg. After such a stand up job during the match itself, it really made me notice at the end. One thing I also noticed was that some of the wrestlers are hyper aware of where the cameras are, and some don’t even take it into account. The wrestlers all have to be aware of where the hard camera is. Following the win the new champs celebrated with their backs to the cam. This might not seem like a big deal, but it will be a HUGE deal when/if they go back and start to release the matches later on the web or start selling DVDs.

1st Round: SABU vs. PSYCHO MITCH
Sabu is a lot faster then I expected. He is very nimble on his feet. This match was brutal, not in the sense that it was bad, but it was probably the most physical match of the afternoon. Brawling into the stands, Sabu was tossing chairs with wreckless abandon. I don’t know how that feels from a defensive point of view, but it looks like it hurts a pile. Sabu wins with an Atomic Arabian Facebuster through a table to advance in the tournament. No surprises there.

Overall the show was ok. I was a little confused with some of the decisions made here, but overall an entertaining show. It would be interesting to see how the decisions made for this show will impact the results of the later show.

Evening Show

Dennis Guthrie promo to start the night. The crowd HATES Guthrie, and he soaks up every second of it. I’ve probably said this before, but if not I will say it again now: Dennis Guthrie is hands down the best character in NL wrestling right now. There aren’t many people in this scene that can hold a candle to him on the mic. Guthrie’s presence in the ring is something to admire. At the last show he stood toe to toe with a seasoned veteran in Tommy Dreamer, and came off looking like a million bucks. At first I wasn’t sure how the “evil owner” schtick was going to run, but he pulls it off well. His camera awareness is great as well. He is one of the ones that seems like he is playing to a TV crowd already.

Solid match from these two. We’ve seen this match before, but it still felt like it was fresh. Great spot with the single arm DDT with feet on the top rope. It looked great. Gotch wins. Tony steals belt and beats down Don after the match. Scott advances.

Mark Day is one of my favourite new characters. He was golden. Everything he did was funny. I hope to see more of him on the shows in the future. Now one thing I must address: if Flip is going to wear that bandana on his face to the ring, he needs to straighten it before he goes through the curtain. I’ll agree, it does look kinda cool when it’s on properly, but it looks equally ridiculous when it is slewed to one side. It is the little things that matter. Which is what makes this next point stand out, I believe other then Sabu, Flip may have been the only wrestler to wear different ring gear on each of the cards. Buck is over huge, I don’t know if he has 70 family members in the crowd or if everyone has just take to him, but the crowd eats him up. This is another solid match by Locke. I hope people are giving him pointers in the back , cause he has so much potential I just think he needs that step by step encouragement. Day and Flip have some fun jawing at the ringside fans. Weird finish with the kick not really looking like it hit properly.

KotR Semi-Finals: SABU vs. KRYS KRYMZON
Interesting choice putting Krymzon in with Sabu. It wouldn’t have been my first guess as to who he would wrestle, but it worked. Krymzon got some offense in the first few mins, but this was basically a squash. Sabu beat the living piss out of Krymzon . Chair shot after chair shot it was vicious. It was completely entertaining match and exactly what the crowd was expecting to see out of Sabu.

Alexander Guthrie comes out to cut a promo. Guthrie is immediately hated by the crowd (in a good way) and the crowd won’t let him get a word in constantly ragging on him. Bad Boy comes out. I can’t help but notice that Bad boy has a bit of a more swagger in his step for this show. Almost seemed like a different person. Again, this match was more brawling then technical but Bad Boy was bumped like a demon. Got his ass beat bad. Some of the more impressive spots included a Powerbomb onto the guardrail and a Fishermanbuster on a chair.
Tony comes out with the stolen belt. Don comes out with attitude. No cheering and taunting. He goes straight to the ring, and I think this would have been more intense if he just went to work and started beating on Tony, instead he decides to cut a promo that I didn’t think really fit. It would have been a great promo if Tony was going to turn face, but in this case it didn’t really fit. Once the match starts it quicly turns into the match of the day so far. It had a nice it of technical wrestling as well as a bit of brawling. These two guys are very familiar with each other and you can tell. I marked when Don almost hit a dirty spoon.

King of the Rock Finals: SABU vs. SCOTT GOTCH
Great match. Solid brawling. Good swerve at the end strange finish I didn’t see it coming. The final spot was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. Props to Scott for having the “cahones” to go through with it. Also an interesting choice making Sabu the new CEW Heritage Champ. I wonder if this will mean he will be coming back again? Interesting. Gotch wins the King of the Rock and he definitely deserves it.

This show was much better then the afternoon show and to be honest it was better then I was expecting it to be. CEW are consistently turning out solid show. It still didn’t beat out TTA Night 2 but it was still a very entertaining show and I don’t think any fans left feeling they were ripped off. While CEW have been moving towards a more family friendly environment, this show was a little out of that niche. While there wasn’t anything overly crass or risque, it was much more hardcore based then the last several shows have been. It will be interesting to see if they continue down this road or if they go back to the more family friendly path that they had been focusing on.

NWR Fan Feedback: CEW OUTRAGE (01-26-13)

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On January 26th, the so called beginning of the Newfoundland Wrestling wars, I attended OUTRAGE presented by Cutting Edge Wrestling. This was my first time seeing this particular company, as I understand they are relatively new (rebooted?).  Is CEW a viable competitor to the newly televised LCW? It is indeed an exciting time to be a wrestling fan in Newfoundland.

I have seen many Legend City Wrestling shows and I have always been at least adequately pleased with the level of entertainment they provide. I had originally planned to see both shows but once they were made competitors on the same night, I simply chose Tommy Dreamer (CEW’s guest star) over LCW’s Gangrel.

I tried to go into OUTRAGE with a completely open mind. To give a little insight on where my review is coming from, I like to think that I prefer the art of wrestling more so than the novelty and “carny” aspects. However, I try not to let anyone sway my judgement on what is good or bad in the wrestling world. I am admittedly a little jaded with “The Big Boys”, World Wrestling Entertainment and tend to gravitate more towards high quality independent wrestling. Therefore, the fact that CEW is seemingly a much smaller company did not bother me in the least.

I have seen Tommy Dreamer wrestle before (in CHIKARA’s King of Trios Tournament) and I knew I was in for some exciting action. It was the rest of the roster that was a mystery to me. I first heard of CEW while living away, in the Canadian Arctic. I watched Youtube videos and instantly knew they were something special. They didn’t have big names from the States; they seemed to have quality homegrown characters that interacted in a compelling way. They were seemingly one part ECW, one part TNA (not necessarily a bad thing), with a dash of Newfoundland showmanship thrown in.

This was when I first called up my best friend and Expert-on-all-things-Wrestling, Dale.  I told him I wanted to attend one of these shows when I got home, not for Rhino, Raven or some other attraction, but for the show itself. When Dreamer was announced, it was just icing on the cake.

My first impression was that the Easter Seals House was a seemingly good venue for wrestling. Those working the ticket counter, gimmick tables and concession were all very nice and efficient. However, looking at the 8x10s on the table, I couldn’t believe how small the roster seemed! I arrived simply wanting to see some quality wrestling, would I be disappointed?

By the time the show started, there was standing room only. Me, Dale and our buddy Jesse brought signs that were a joke based on a story Tommy Dreamer told of his childhood. As told on Colt Cabana’s Art of Wrestling podcast, Dreamer was a huge mark for Bob Backlund. His first wrestling show his sign was a measly taped up piece of loose leaf saying “BOB BACKLUND #1” for his hero. We did our best to replicate his work.

The show started with the number one contenders tag match. I quickly realized that I wouldn’t have to worry about undertrained kids doing stupid and dangerous things in the ring. The theme throughout the night seemed to be professionalism and not just another ECW wannabe ripoff.

What I like most about the opening contest was that I actually understood what was going on. Many companies run angles where the casual or new fan is left in the dust. While I consider myself a fan of intricate storytelling in and out of the ring, it was nice to be eased into a brand new promotion (to me).

I would like to summarize the rest of the show, just to give my overall impressions instead of a blow by blow description.

First some major pros for the show:

-Great wrestling. Some botches and confusion, although that is to be expected. For the most part, everyone knew what they were doing a played their part. It came off like they knew how to work a crowd, which I would imagine would be one of the harder things for an inexperienced wrestler to do (That isn’t to say they are inexperienced. I have no idea as to any of these guys’ backgrounds).

-Funny and compelling gimmicks. The Gotch Boys have an old timey gimmick which really connects with the Newfoundland audience as well as tips the hat (pun intended) at more devoted fans and historians of the sport. Don Martini is Jericho-esque in his role as champ. I would like to see more of him, as he seemed to take a back seat to Dreamer during this show. Maybe Psycho Mitch should be fleshed out as a character more. I know he’s a main event face. I know he’s Psycho. Show me why. He could really take this gimmick somewhere.

-Great use of Tommy Dreamer in a guest role. He really delivered for the fans. Dreamer definitely connected with the audience and played his role perfectly. I loved the hardcore spots. Safe and family friendly. I don’t know who was chanting “WE WANT BLOOD”, but I certainly don’t. There can be a time and place for blood to play an important role in a match, and this wasn’t one of them. Some modern wrestlers and fans alike are making the case for never having blood in wrestling (Like Nigel McGuiness). Not to mention, I doubt these guys had a physical exam with a blood test before the show. Let’s be safe.

-I think everyone in the main event were tremendous including Psycho Mitch, Alexander Guthrie, Tony King, Scott Gotch and Don Martini. I look forward to seeing these guys wrestle again. Perhaps it was Dreamer playing ring general and organizing everyone, but they all looked like they belonged there. It must be intimidating working with a legend like Dreamer.

-The intermission was overly long, but I was impressed with how efficient CEW was with being able to let everyone have a picture with Tommy in such a short time, considering.

-Most of all, these wrestlers ooze charisma! Between Don Martini on the mic or the ring announcer Travis, all were comfortable and not at all wooden.  That can be one of the major drawbacks from these kinds of shows but most everyone pulled off the confidence like pros.

-The best, however, was Dennis Guthrie. He was definitely the star of the show and the man who links this small group together. I haven’t really been a fan of authority figures taking over the limelight, but Guthrie was brilliant. I really can’t stress how much of an effective heel he is.

-It was seemingly for a great cause. You can’t argue with raising money for a charitable organization.

-The crowd was into it. Everyone was marking out, both young and old alike.

Some of the cons:

-I felt that the prices were a little steep.

-The long intermission did take a lot out of the show.

-I know that if the House of Hardcore DVDs were on the gimmick tables at the beginning of the show, Dale would’ve bought one.

-It felt uncomfortable seeing Tommy Dreamer put on the spot to do a Screech-In. With all the alcohol abuse infused in the wrestling industry, it may have been inappropriate especially in front of an audience composed mainly of kids. I understand that it is Martini’s gimmick, but perhaps it was in poor taste.

-Some slip ups in the “trying to do too much” department, but nothing major.

-The psychology in one or two matches left a lot to be desired. What I loved in the opener (knowing all motivations and keeping it simple) quickly spun out of control in one particular match. Whether one of the wrestlers was a heel or face, I don’t know.

-I just wanna say that the small package finish doesn’t really work if it isn’t surrounded by action. You can’t finish a spot, then rest and then go to the small package. It loses its surprise element and looks anticlimactic.

Overall, great show. I do plan on staying impartial during this “Newfoundland Wrestling War” (I see how heated it gets) and I plan on attending both CEW and LCW shows in the future. If CEW expands a little, perhaps brings in a variety of guests, and continues bringing cohesive and in depth storylines, I’ll continue to support. While the show did sag a little in the middle, this promotion has tons of potential and I am definitely looking forward to the next show.


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Saturday January 26th, 2013
NTV TV Tapings
CLB Armoury
St. John’s, NL

NWR REVIEWER: Chad Everard

After months and months of promotion, radio ads and media stops, LEGEND CITY WRESTLING’s first official NTV TV Taping went down this past Saturday night at the CLB Armoury in St. John’s. Ironically enough, to add to the hype, earlier in the day their brand-new weekly television show, Legends of Wrestling debuted on NTV. To introduce fans to their product, matches and segments from last summer’s Hart Attack Tour were shown. The show itself was a great effort put forth by the LCW production crew headed up by Jon Long. The broadcast duo of JON “THE BIZ” BENNETT and LCW Commissioner MIKE BARRINGTON was good, however I feel we haven’t seen the best from these two yet. These two guys are good at what they do and I expect more from them when they really start to gel. As for action, we got to see the KRIMSON vs. MR. FANTASTIC match, which eventually turned into a tag team match due to the interference of International sensation KIYOSHI. So then we had KRIMSON & KIYOSHI representing the DEAD WRESTLING SOCIETY taking on MR. FANTASTIC and the man that saved him from a 2 on 1 attack, BIG SEXY KEVIN NASH. Great moment when NASH arrived on the scene. Fans went crazy. FANTASTIC hit the TKO and got the pin on KRIMSON for the win. Good job by JON BIZ as he clearly showed he is the heel announcer by verbally attacking FANTASTIC & NASH throughout the match. To end the show, LCW Commissioner MIKE BARRINGTON introduced the headliner of the Hart Attack Tour, BRET HITMAN HART. BRET spoke for a few minutes and thanked all his fans for coming out. Memorable moment for all the fans in attendance. That wrapped up the first episode of LCW Legends of Wrestling on NTV. Now on to the live show:

We come to you live from the CLB Armoury in downtown St. John’s. Prior to the event, there was a Q&A session with GANGREL which drew a couple of dozen people for a nice, intimate setting. He spoke with fans for about an hour and a half and answered all types of questions ranging from his time in the WWF Attitude Era, working with Vince Russo and The Brood. The venue itself looked great. As “TV ready” as they’ve ever been. New additions included a new entrance set and ramp, new ring aprons, as well as a new ring mat. All great additions that made for a more cosmetically appealing event overall. There was a wide array of merchandise available as always; t-shirts, DVDs, posters, etc. Fans filtered in slowly at first but as we approached bell time, the place was practically full. No trouble to tell LCW is a family-friendly product as the place was packed tons of screaming kids, their parents and of course that old man. Ring announcer FRANKIE LEE from OZFM did a great job pumping up the crowd prior to the show. People had signs and were chanting LCW, they were definitely ready for the first match of the evening.

The first bout of the night was between two of the fastest rising stars in LEGEND CITY WRESTLING today. DYNAMITE had his game face on as soon as he came through the curtain. This guy is a natural heel and does one hell of a job. It seems as if he’s becoming more and more comfortable conveying that every time I see him. The crowd were all over him immediately as he jeered his way to the ring. NARCIS SAINT is the top high-flyer in all of LCW. It’s really becoming a treat to watch him. JESSICA PRIEST looks more and more beautiful every show. I would love to see a similar Marc Mero-Sable type angle go down in the future with those two. The match was good, not great but good. It was a nice way to start the show as the fans were into it from the top. SAINT hit most of his high-spots, including his signature 450 splash. But DYNAMITE ended up getting the win with a roll-up while holding the ropes.

The second match was two LCW mainstays from the Maritimes. SEXTON PHOENIX was clearly TV ready with his look, new haircut, new tights – looking fresh. TITUS is one of the most over guys on the whole roster, especially with the female contingent. It’s almost as if he’s the LCW version of Jeff Hardy. These two had a pretty decent back and forth until MAX POWER interfered, costing TITUS the match. Afterwards TITUS got on the mic and told MAX POWER if he wanted a fight he would get one, setting up a match for later on in the night. This is the first time we’ve seen some storyline development thus far.

Obvious Fact: Six months ago, ¾ of these guys were in CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING. It seemed as if this match was a “proving ground” match for all 4 men involved. STORM FRONT are still trying to find their way in LCW, MATT BURNS is trying to get over a slump he’s been in lately and this was TRISTAN’s return match. So everyone involved had something to prove. STORM FRONT debuted new matching tights and played the heels for the first time since I can remember. TRISTAN had the same RIVER CITY tights he wore last going off in CEW and MATT BURNS debuted a new Uncle Jessie-style leather jacket. Not sure if those two will become a permanent fixture as a tag team but I think “Morally Reprehensible” is a great name. Anyway, the crowd was into this match, however it wasn’t anything special. The finish saw MATT BURNS get dumped to the outside, then STORM FRONT hit their double-team finisher on SLATER for the win. If LCW are considering putting some work into an actual tag team division, I think 4 of these men could be key. I don’t think we’ve seen what they are really capable of yet.

Lasted about 20 minutes or so and gave fans a chance to get some merchandise and/or get some autographs from the wrestlers. I believe this is where they announced the headliners for the next set of TV Tapings, which will be UFC Legend DAN ‘THE BEAST’ SEVERN and COLT ‘BOOM BOOM’ CABANA will be returning to get a shot at the LCW Title. Fans gave the announcement a good reaction, which will probably result in another good showing in March.

The second half of the card is where the action really started to pick up inside the ring. These two are poised to have a great year in LCW. MAX POWER truly is a great heel and improves each and every time I see him. His entrance music was “Whatta Man” by Salt N Pepa. That definitely deserves some bonus points. TITUS on the other hand is one of the biggest faces in the company and looks like he could really be a threat to KOWBOY MIKE HUGHES’ title somewhere down the road. The crowd really backs him and he is a solid worker inside the ring. On to the match, these two worked really good together as they continued on from their altercation earlier in the night. Throughout the match, MAX was not pleased with referee Matt Wheeler. This eventually proved to be his downfall as he got rolled up and pinned by TITUS as he was arguing over a slow count. Afterwards, MAX showed what a real heel he was by taking his aggressions out on the young referee until TITUS made the save. Good match overall and told a great story which I’m sure will transcend well to television.

This was one of the matches that was announced a few days prior to the event. I figured it would be pretty good as I was impressed with T-BONE’s match against TITUS from the Let’s Get Rowdy Tour last September and fans always love LCW poster boy, MR. FANTASTIC. T-BONE came out first (with a huge bone) and looked mean and ready for action, swiping away kids looking to tag his hand on the way down the ramp. MR. FANTASTIC debuted a new silver cape which was awesome. Definitely a welcome addition to his character. Some people say he is a Hulk Hogan rip-off and he is. But the kids love him, they buy tons of merch and he is consistently the most over guy on any card. So who cares right? What wrestler never “ripped off” someone else at some point anyways? Irrelevant. The match itself was actually much better than I was anticipating. I really enjoy T-BONE and hope to see more of him in LCW this year. The finish saw T-BONE attempt to hit FANTASTIC with the bone, only to have it backfire as he hit the ropes and popped himself in the head. FANTASTIC then hit the TKO for the win.

Main Event time. I was kind of disappointed they didn’t hype this match throughout the night, especially during intermission. Anyways, KOWBOY came out to new entrance music and got booed immediately. This guy is a great heel and a perfect choice to hold the LCW Title. GANGREL came out and got a surprisingly good reaction from the younger audience. As expected, he did his signature blood spray as he entered the ring. The match started out slow, as KOWBOY took control but then the action went to the outside and fans started to get into it more. A couple of near falls had people get to their feet a couple of times as GANGREL came close to winning. But the finish saw HUGHES retain the Title when the referee couldn’t see his feet on the ropes as he rolled up GANGREL for the victory. This prompted an angered MR. FANTASTIC to make an appearance. He tried to explain to the referee but the decision was final. Afterwards, GANGREL hit KOWBOY with his signature Impaler DDT much to the delight of the fans. FANTASTIC & GANGREL celebrated in the ring as KOWBOY crippled to the back.

Overall, it was a good show. My main concern was the fact that angles weren’t as developed as much as I had hoped. However, that could be made up post-production but for the fans that took in the show I don’t think that was a major issue as the place was consistently loud all night. There was a great vibe going around throughout the show and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and that’s the main thing. Match of the Night honors would have to go to MAX POWER vs. TITUS. Those two really pulled off the best match of the card. They told a great story and keep the fans into it the whole time. Great effort put forth by LCW for their first official TV Tapings. Looking forward to the next one March 16th back at the CLB!


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Saturday January 26th, 2013
Live from the Easter Seals House
St. John’s, NL


First off, I thought the show as a whole was very good. It was easily a sellout. I showed up about 25 minute before door opened and there was about 50 people waiting outside already. By the time the doors opened almost the whole ringside area was filled as people filed in. All the seats had been filled about about 20 to show time and by the time the bell rang there was was some spots in the back that had people standing 2 or 3 people deep. All in all my guess was somewhere between 225-250 people.

Why is Travis Von Bearsford wearing sunglasses? A lot of people give Travis grief about his announcing. Personally I think the best announcers are the ones that you don’t notice. The ones that go in and get the job done pass off the right amount of enthusiasm to get the crowd into the card, without going overboard. On that front I think he is very good. His announcing of the Main Event with everyone already in the ring to build the tension was very good, but I often times find myself distracted by what he is doing at other points of the show. Like why did he wear sunglasses? Why is he trying to put himself over? And why did he do the Ric Flair strut and then bump in the ring in between matches? It is stuff like this that detracts from the show unnecessarily. I think if he wants to be part of the show, he can be part of the show, but you won’t ever see Lillian Garcia or Justin Roberts rolling around on the mat and strutting unless it’s part of an angle. Be part of the show, but don’t be the show.  If people are focusing on you, they aren’t focusing on the workers, which is a bad thing cause it detracts from the show.

Sorry mini-rant over. The show started with:

Alex Guthrie came out with a chick and said money matters and that he has the number of whoever wins the match. He pulls up a chair  and watches from ringside. The crowd is hot and really into the opening match. Nice reverse slam ala Razor Ramon with bridge by Mitch. Impressive. Mitch gets the pin by Black Hole Slam. Tony comes into the ring pastes Mitch with a chair and joins Alexander Guthrie as part of the NEW RIVER CITY EXPRESS and says he did it all for the money and now he is also one half of the CEW East Coast Tag Champs.

Crowd goes nuts for Buck Gotch as he continues to be a popular CEW mainstay, they boo a returning Krymzon.. Krymzon botched something off the top but other then that missed spot this match was solid. Krymzon went to the top again a few minutes later. Axel Gotch interfered. Krymzon takes exception and  pops him. Buck eats some cabbage and spits it at Krymzon , a double handed choke slam and the pin. Quick match but served it’s purpose, got both guys time on the card, didn’t drag and was pretty solid other then a botched spot or two.

THE LIQUOR LOUNGE is supposed to be up next but the Gotch Boys interrupt before Don can even make his entrance. They say he won’t be coming out tonight cause he’s injured and he doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Don comes out and says that’s a lie. He only has one leg to stand on, and he’ll still fight, but he thinks Scott Gotch isn’t worth the Main Event slot so instead he says they can fight now.

Don is actually injured so he is wearing a walking boot on his injured foot.. Crowd chanting for blood they don’t specify who’s blood they want. They are just generally blood thirsty. Single arm DDT from Don that looked like it killed Scott Gotch. Don failed at a diamond cutter. But manages to sneak out the win with a small package. Don Martini is still the NA Champ.
Ok, it started to get a little clustered and slightly confusing here so I’ll do my best to remember what happened.  I believe after the win, the Gotches started to beat down Don, Mitch tried to make the save but got cut off by the Tag Champs. Beat down continues for another minute and “Man in the Box” by Alice in Chains hits and we have our first bit of Tommy Dreamer as he hits the ring with Kendo stick in hand and cleans house and makes the save. He says he doesn’t like the way things are going and thinks now that it’s even there should be a 6 man tag team match. Hardcore rules. Dennis Guthrie’s music hits and he comes to the ring and says he doesn’t approve of this plan and since it was Dreamer’s idea. He’ll now fight in a 6 man gauntlet match fighting Blood Money, River City Express, and the Gotches all one by one.

This is where my real problem with the show came. The intermission length was upwards of 45-50 mins. It was way too long. Took all the momentum out of the show for me, and I started to get annoyed with things from here on in. Fortunately the crowd was filled with several younger children, Easter Seals and other folks who didn’t take it as bad as I did and who were enjoying themselves greatly and they kept the noise levels up for the rest of the night.

During the intermission Dreamer took pictures in the ring with all the people who wanted them (I believe he may have been charging money, but for the people who were getting pictures it was definitely worth whatever he was charging. He was very playful and talkative with all the people in the ring and seemed to genuinely be having a great time. The highlight came when an Easter Seals kid on crutches came in to get a picture and Dreamer laid on the mat and allowed the kid to get a picture pinning the former ECW Champion. Pure class.

After the intermission the show started back up again with (to my dismay) another interview segment. General Manager Warren G too to the ring to present the head of Easter Seals with a cheque. This lead to a discussion about the Main Event and how it wasn’t fair to have Dreamer run the Gauntlet, so Warren changed it back to a 6 Man tag. Cue Dennis Guthrie’s music and he’s pissed and says it’s his company and he’ll make the matches. Warren disagrees so we have a stalemate. They suggest to let the head of Easter Seals make the choice. Dennis tries to persuade him using the fact that they just gave him a pile of money, but the Easter Seals guy doesn’t care. He wants to see Hardcore. 6 Man tag it is for the Main Event.

Nick cuts a promo and calls flip a goofball that has a ton of potential but refuses to live up to it. I  have to agree with him wholeheartedly. I see much potential in Brandon Flip but I’ve yet to see him deliever. In fact much of what I’ve seen from him bordered on horrible.This was easily the worst match of the night although it was nobody’s fault I noticed blatantly it just didn’t work for these two. They just didn’t gel, the match ran about 10 minutes longer then it should have, and both guys looked gassed at about mid match. Almost everything they did either looked incredibly scripted like they were just going through the motions or was botched.  There was definitely trouble with Flip in this match trying to find his comfort zone of a heel or a face. There were times when he was doing very heel-eqsue moves such as rubbing Nick’s bald head and taunting him, or arguing with the ref about the count on a pin and then 5 seconds later he would try and get the crowd on their feet and cheer. Another thing that bothered me and this goes back to things just not meshing properly with these guys. If you are going to quiet the crowd for a chop or a impact move that is gonna make noise, you damn sure the better make some noise with it. And in this case it was one of the most silent kicks I have ever heard. There was something in this match that I found slightly funny, but I can’t remember what it was and I didn’t write it down, so it couldn’t have been life changing. There was a point where the was a terrible missed chairshot and this pretty much sealed the deal for the match. They got back in the ring and Nick hit a flying headbutt but wasn’t happy with it and followed it up with a second that looked much better and got the pin. After the match Flip started attacking Nick and hit a fantastic DDT with Nicks feet suspended on the middle rope, and then went and ruined the moment doing a less the stellar Jeff Hardy-esque Senton.

I’m stoked for this Main Event, but at this point by the time the bell rang for the final match of the night to start we are 3 hours after opening bell and a show with only 5 matches shouldn’t be anywhere close to that long. My mind started to wander a little and I was  wondering what the symbols and Dreamer’s pant leg mean? My phone was dead so I had stopped taking notes but this match definitely lived up to what I expected. As mentioned earlier good job announcing this match with all the competitors in the ring after everyone had made their entrances. Dreamer in the ring was much better then I had expected. There were several times in the ring where it looked like something was going awry and he would wrangle it back in and set it straight . For example there was a tag spot that wasn’t quite going as planned with the ref not paying attention to the proper person or something of that nature, and the fans got disgruntled and started chanting for hardcore.

Tommy takes a cue, and comes in a breaks up the heels to the delight of the fans while still keeping the match on track. There was a good ending sequence where everyone hit their finisher on the next guy, and then Dreamer started passing out nut shots with the ring bell ECW style, and once again, Dreamer showed some class as he pulled the Easter Seals kid from the intermission over the rail and let him nutshot one of the heel team to the delight of the capacity crowd. Don had his boot pulled off and was getting beaten down. Dreamer called for the tables and finished the match with a FU through the table and a pin on Scott Gotch (I think). Mitch, Don and Tommy celebrate in the ring and Guthrie’s music his again and he comes down and confronts Tommy. Dreamer bites his finger, chops him and does the Flair strut and locks Guthrie in a figure four. To finish the show Martini and Steve Sweet Screech in Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer was hesitant saying he has had his hardcore days behind him and he doesn’t drink any more. The guys and the crowd egg him on and in another great moment Tommy grabs the mic and addresses the children in the crowd and says that he’s not drinking because of peer pressure, he’s drinking because he wants to and to not be bullied into doing anything. He thanks everyone for coming out and that’s the end of the show.

Clocking in at an almost 3 hours and 30 minutes including intermission. As I stated earlier, a good show that probably should have been a great show, had it not been so long and dragged out. However, CUTTING EDGE WRESTLING delivers on their promise to leave a mark, as they did on Saturday night January 26th at the Easter Seals House in St. John’s. That is a day that will go down in Newfoundland wrestling history as the first time 2 local indy promotions went head-to-head.

ANNOUNCEMENT: 1st NWR Award Announced!

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Coming up in December we turn the big 0-1 and to help celebrate we’ll be bringing you the first-ever NWR Awards!

We’re proud to take this opportunity to honor the best in Newfoundland wrestling for their work over the past year. Awards and nominees will be announced over the next few weeks, including a Special FAN’S CHOICE Award!

More details by the end of the week!


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Old school, new school. It’s all there.

Live from the Remax Centre in St. John’s, NL
August 23rd, 2012
Guest Reviewer: Frosty

Just to start there were a lot of small things I noticed being taken care of this show that I didn’t notice for night 1. Like tidying the turnbuckle ties, and making sure the ring apron was straight. This is stuff that doesn’t “really” make a difference, but in presentation it is the small things that count.

Good Big man match. Wasn’t expecting 2 luchadores here, but this match was much better then I expected and definitely set the tone for the night. Justin Locke has a comfort with Nasty Nick that he doesn’t seem to have with many other people in the ring from being tag partners and it showed. He was ruthlessly stiff. Both men had a good give and take. Easily the best match I’ve seen from Locke. Nasty Nick won with a brutal cane shot followed by a Nastyplex. The crowd ate it up.

With no belt, it seemed like Psycho Mitch was walking with more of a purpose tonight. Seemed to be moving at a faster pace and would definitely prove to be more merciless throughout the night. Martini protected Steve Sweet not allowing anyone to get near him. It took a unusually long time for Myers to make his entrance to the ring, but I’m pretty sure it was due to “unforseen” circumstances. Not really a big deal. Dennis Guthrie did his first mic spot in the ring here and was significantly clearer on the mic tonight. No yelling, very articulate and cut a few very entertaining promos. He is so hated by the crowd, there were actually times when I couldn’t hear what he was saying due to all the fans booing him out of the building. He blamed Mitch for losing the NA title to Don, and Mitch chased him out of the ring and then came back and beat the living piss out of Michael Myers. Don let Steve Sweet get the win for his shining moment.

Dennis Guthrie came back to the ring to fire Warren. The crowd still hates him. The crowd tonight is bigger in numbers and MUCH louder then the previous night. The crowd is into the show. It’s good.

RCE jump Storm Front in the entrance way. Darren is still selling his ankle injury from last night. He takes a figure 4 on the ringpost. Very cool. The bell was never rang for this match when the guys came to the ring and the ref must have seemed off for this match cause he didn’t ring the bell till Alex Guthrie told him to and Darren must have tapped 32 times as blatantly as I’ve ever seen before the timekeeper just gave up waiting for direction from the ref and rang the bell to end the match.

I’m not sure if I love the Gotches look, or I hate it, but it is different. Like nothing I’ve seen around here before, so that makes it great. Axel Gotch cuts a good promo his character is very intense but he’s also much better then last night. Buck Gotch beats the snot out of the “CEW Patriot”, Glenn Hanes. Good squash. Buck plays the stupid bruiser to a tee. The Gotches are starting to catch on though. They may be in for a face turn. They had the support of about 1/2 the crowd behind them.

I’m not sure what Flip’s gimmick is supposed to be with him coming down to the ring with the Wig and face bandana, but he seemed to be some kinda dancing….he needs to dance more. It wasn’t like he was really comfortable with it. But if that’s gonna be his gimmick he needs to sell it. Put his heart into it. Think Alex Wright. This was hands down the most technical match of the night. Headlocks, Arm drags, reversals. Flip tried to keep it at a fast pace while Sheik tried to slow it down at every turn. Good entertaining match by both parties giving the crowd something that they hadn’t seen yet tonight with a mostly technical contest. Sheik won, and has words with former NCW Alumni Shan the Man as he passes him by the guardrail. Possibly some leftover heat from days gone by?

No Holds Barred: SCOTT GOTCH vs. TONY KING
This match was much more high impact then the previous match. Started out brawling then went into the ring for some technical stuff then more brawling back out into the crowd. Nice spot by Gotch smearing Kings face all over the windows in the lobby right in front of the kids. They ate it up. Good use of the garage door, lowering it back down onto Scotts neck. They brawl in the crowd and destroy a row of chairs….Merch left there by fans goes flying…. there are a lot of Gotch Boys pics in there. Scott Gotch hit his face off the corner of the ring mat and became a bloody mess. Tony pastes Buck Gotch with a chair shot that he sells like he was hit by a truck. He stares at the lights without blinking for about 4 minutes straight. Scott Gotch wins the match with a sweet Side Effect off the top rope through a table.

I’m gonna take a second here to say how awesome the tag work of RCE was during this match. These 2 guys remind me very much of an Impact Players type of team with Guthrie being the straight technical guy (with miles more personality then Lance Storm) and Slater being the cool cocky heel which he pulls of beautifully. They had everything going for them tonight. Good double teams, effectively distracting the refs, working in compliment with Dennis outside the ring who was also working to distract the ref. Warren still being the GM for 30 days allowed Mitch to team with Don instead of Steve Sweet to piss off D Guthrie who fired him. RCE win the match and become the first East Coast Tag Champs.

Dennis Guthrie wants to take the NA title back off of Don, so RCE beat Don down some more and we get a Bonus match with Guthrie vs Don Martini. Guthrie beats him down for several minutes. Mitch comes back to the ring and destroys everyone but Don. He passes Martini the belt and shows him some respect.

CEW promised “entertainment” when they were on CBC radio earlier this week, and that is what they delivered. This was the best CEW show I’ve seen in a long long time and one of the best local wrestling shows in recent memories. The stars aligned for CEW last night as everything seemed to fall into place. Night 1 wasn’t a bad show, but Night 2 was certainly a Great show. There was a little bit of everything. Technical, Good Promos, Swerves, Brawling, a touch of blood (which only had the impact it did cause it was the only bit from both nights). Great show, I look forward to seeing more of this calibre of wrestling from them in the future.